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Do not take Zain to Dreamland, at least not as your first choice. He easily comboable, struggles to find kills, has some real struggles getting his opponents out of crouch cancel percents, has to play hit and run for a lot of percent when he doesn have a good get off me tools, mid speed but constantly running away so can get called out p easily, and struggles against a lot of the top tiers more than other characters. Mind you, he certainly a viable character (as most are in the game), has good matchups against a lot of the lower tier cast, comboes floaties better than most (although still struggles to find kill confirms), has a good combo game off of pop over here grab (though his grab itself is not great), has a decent edgeguard game, and has the most unique projectile game in the game..

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Does Orzhov have a place in this Standard? I love the flavor and have been trying a lot to make it work. The best I had success with is a midrange ish deck that tries to stabilize with Kaya Wrath on turn 4 and then use Seraph of the Scales (which always feels a little underwhelming), Lyra, Basilica, and removal to try to get a good few swings in. I replica of hermes bags tempted to move to a full version of control but am not sure what the finisher would be.

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