While never explicitly stated to be a Mario Kart spinoff

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What I would’ve liked would be for her to have a 5 seconds of exposition where she force pulls something from poe or someone and says „oh luke taught me some shit” or what have you. THEN have her do something epic where she moves a torpedo out of the way from hitting her or maybe even one of the resistance torpedos from hitting kylo or something? I dunno just spitballing canada goose uk head office but something canada goose shop robbed better than what we got there. Other than that there’s just not too much there unfortunately to talk about..

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I’m honestly struggling to come up with a diplomatic way to express how strongly I disagree with this statement. Watch design/manufacturing is an art, so when a brand creates a piece that is an „homage” to a canada goose uk regent street famous design like a Submariner, that’s essentially just a counterfeit. These brands are just profiting off of the hard work of the original designer without adding any sort of value, just creating an inferior product at a lower price..

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Top teams have dropped losses to much lesser teams but the Valiant has lost all their games, only the Justice match their record.They play the Titans and the Charge next and I don think they going to win either of those games. They very likely could finish this season 2 5. Now I only talking exclusively for Stage 1 because no one knows how teams will be in the long run..

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