Sure Bill finally called out his father (and his mother

The only positive thing I can say about her character is that she the only Murphy child who has the balls to call out her parents when they being unfair (to her at least), and not just suppress it and let it turn foul over time. Sure Bill finally called out his father (and his mother, to an underwhelming lesser extent), but this after so much abuse that only events as recent as the current season were enough to provoke him. As for Kevin, it pretty much implied that he spent his whole life „shoving it down” and became a flunkie because of it, not to mention his constant wrestling between his teen angst and his libido..

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Even if we ignore Matts descriptions and the hints, she didn act evil. An evil ruler would just chopped their heads off.This is, as Matt said from the beginning, a greyish coloured story. Neither the Empire nor the Crick are the bad guys.Cheekygui 18 points submitted 15 days agoI have two players who have switched characters right before I got into the meat and potatoes of their character story, at canada goose youth uk the same time, because they gotten canada goose uk shop bored of the characters they wrote a quarter page of backstory for.It really makes me sheepish dedicating time to writing these threads and plot hooks only for them to canada goose outlet black friday turn into quests that the party will have no attachment to because the person related to the mission canada goose outlet uk review fucked off for no reason.Eddrian32 4 points submitted 20 days agoA while before campaign 2 started, there was a thread where people predicted what everyone characters were gonna be.