She should be grateful you gave her anything instead of

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replica bags gucci 62 points submitted 8 hours agoOh my god, NTA!! She is wayyy too grown to be acting like an entitled child, I find it hard to believe this has anything to do with differing cultures but if it does she should respect your boundaries either way. You shouldnt have to go outside your Replica Bags comfort zone to cater to her.This is so Handbags Replica weird, I would be livid if someone acted entitled to my belongings. She should be grateful you gave her anything instead of pushing her luck replica bags buy online by pulling the „you treat me like a sister” bullshit and asking for more.keepurhandsoffmydocs [score hidden] submitted 23 minutes agoAgreed on a few things, she has a pretty hardcore „Not Like Other Girls” dialogue that I find somewhat annoying, and that I personally don really subscribe to. replica bags gucci

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