She also said applicants with established connections to

2 points submitted 6 days agoIf you unlocked every Aetheryte in a Major City, you should be able to access the „Residential Aetheryte” command from the Central Aetheryte of the City. That way you can peruse the 36 ish wards for any available plots.Otherwise, you gotta do it manually like the rest of us. Keep in mind that NA demolition restarts sometime this month, so a few plots may open up as well, we getting the Data Center mixup, which may cause some folks to vacate their server for other servers, leaving empty plots behind.

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Although Fraser argued Canada needs a more nuanced approach to the issue of licensing, she did outline instances where an applicant could be excluded, including for offences involving young persons, guns, violence or the trafficking of controlled substances other than cannabis. She also said applicants with established connections to organized crime could be excluded. For an agreement ensuring free travel over the border following the legalization of recreational cannabis next summer..

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