However, its glaring faults are also apparent: Lack of

Now the system is almost logical. Landline numbers always start 01, and then there’s another two or three digits depending on the area. And by this time almost all areas had settled on six digits for the local number. Anger. Hurt. Maybe it’s how he can bring himself to stay away.

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The time to act is almost past. Too many Americans find this shit too entertaining to resist, and I finding that I can relate to 1930 Germany far more than any American should ever be comfortable with. The same people whose parents and grandparents fought and died fighting fascism are embracing it.

Every day, an occultist assigns their mental focus among their implements, determining the power of that implements resonant power. A resonant power is a continuous effect that the implement will provide as long as it has focus. The mental focus in an implement can be spent to activate focus powers related to its arcane spell school..

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