Heck the supposed first textbooks on ninjas contains lots of

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If the evidence shows a clear conclusion, and the reaction is to dismiss those conclusions and instead invent a new hypothesis in order to fit pre chosen beliefs, it anti science. It like that flat earther documentary where the flat earthers come up with a tried and true way to measure if the earth is round by shining a laser through holes miles apart. They figured if the laser showed no degree of difference, the earth would be proven flat.

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And the waiter brought it to them!! If your kid needs a booster seat, you shouldn be at an R rated movie.The kid babbled for the first 20 minutes. Employees that don give a shit. Crappy seats. Books on the workings of ninja or that clearly include ninja in the activities of historical figures were either written in mid Edo at the earliest, during times of peace when memory was a few generations removed when such skills had no use, or were outright fiction. Heck the supposed first textbooks on ninjas contains lots of obviously made up stuff (as in physically impossible), so why should the rest of the books be trusted. The answer is they shouldn replica hermes uk be..

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